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About the artist

I'm Kayla, a self taught artist from New Zealand specialising in realistic pencil drawings. My specialty is pet portraits but I also do many people, vehicles, buildings, wildlife and farm animals. No subject is off limits! I also do a bit of fan art which leads me to meet some awesome famous faces within NZ!


As a child my biggest inspiration was my Nana, she was an author and an artist and has produced many beautiful paintings in her time. Throughout my childhood she always encouraged my creativity, I was always painting, drawings, knitting and crafting at her house. If it wasn't for her I don't think I would be doing what I am today.


I started taking commissions at 20 years old. I had just had my first baby and was a stay at home mum, all I had was some old pencils and cheap printer paper and would draw while my baby slept. As I shared those drawings on facebook I started getting requests from friends, most of it was free or very cheap. From there I began getting orders from their friends and family and it snowballed into a small business!


10 years later I am working from home full time as an artist. I always had a strong love for animals and for drawing, so being able to draw animals every single day is a dream!

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